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ZeoliteCare was founded in 2016 in order to demonstrate that zeolite dietary supplements are effective, safe, and they can trully help people to be healthier.

The success of our company is the direct result of our care for our customers. We knew from the very beginning that quality supplements can only be made with the very best of ingredients, at the highest technological standards.

The ingredients used in ZeoliteCare products are 100% natural, and the base ingredient comes from a zeolite quarry whose qualities are universally recognized. The quality and purity of the raw material is demonstrated by physico-chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, cation exchange and heavy metals retention.

We are convinced that the nature around us holds the key to human health. When researching the qualities of high clinoptilolite content zeolite, and by observing the positive health effects achieved by its synergy, we have succeeded in creating natural, complete, and perfectly adapted products for the human body.

The values guiding us are simple, but they make us work hard so that we never turn away from the core of our principles.


Natural health

We are convinced that health is the natural state of man. We want our 100% natural products to give the human body its natural intelligence and allow it to regain its health equilibrium.

Added Value

We want to create valuable things. For us, quality is first: we invest quality in our products, and this is possible through reliable partnerships with trustworthy suppliers, who provide us with the necessary ingredients. The satisfaction we see in our customers and the positive responses are priceless, and for us this is the guarantee of the quality of ZeoliteCare products.

Since you have arrived here on our website, you have already taken a first important step in discovering what is necessary for your health.


We want to give the modern person a part of nature. We have searched far and wide to find the best, most effective and most handy ways to acomplish this. ZeoliteCare products are perfectly suited to modern life. We have concentrated the essence of nature into innovative products, specially created for the people next to us.

The benefits of our products are related to two important elements that turn the raw Zeolite into a beneficial element:

  • Micronization

  • Activation

The crude zeolite may have a maximum humidity of 18%, in this case the humidity should be up to 5-6%, but the micronized material utilized in the pharmaceutical industry and by our company is heat activated, ie dried at high temperatures, so the raw material used in our products has a moisture content which is lower than 0.5-1%.

To determine the micronization, a granulometric analysis is performed which yelds the granulometric curve and, as we have mentioned on the label, the particles are found on the spectrum of 0-10 microns, 0-15 microns, 0-20 microns, this being considered the spectacular effect of our products.