Detox Forte

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Detox Forte is a high quality natural product that has the ability to neutralize and remove heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins from the body.

Detox Forte can address many of the challenges the human body is facing today, through the action of zeolite, the main active ingredient of this product.


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ZEOLITECARE DETOX FORTE is 100% natural, having clinoptilolite zeolite as active substance, with a minimum concentration of 85%. ZEOLITECARE products are appreciated as high quality products as a result of the two major processes used to turn the raw zeolite into a healthy ingredient: micronization and thermal activation.

Micronization is the technological process by means of which clinoptilolite zeolite particles are brought to sizes of maximum 20 microns, thus increasing the specific area required in the absorption and cationic exchange process and, at the same time, the small sizes of clinoptilolite zeolite particles get the maximum efficiency upon their action at cellular level.

Activation is the technological process achieved at high temperatures eliminating absolutely all the substances which are normally found in the clinoptilolite’s cage-like structure. The activated Clinoptilolite zeolite, has an absorption and cationic exchange capacity which is clearly superior to the non-activated clinoptilolite zeolite, thus having a maximum effect in the body’s detox process, eliminating most harmful substances, amongst which: toxins, heavy metals, and radioactive substances.

Product properties

Detox Forte is a product that has zeolite as active substance with a clinoptilolite concentration of at least 85%, micronized at 0-20 microns and thermally activated at high temperatures. This product is safe for ingestion, obtaining excellent results in therapies aimed to diminish the effects of toxins. Detox Forte is a product approved by the competent institutions in our country.
Heavy metals cannot be metabolized by the body, cannot be processed by the liver and cannot be removed through perspiration. They remain in the human body or in the blood cells, causing long-term damage to internal organs, tissues, or can cause blood diseases. Even in very low concentrations, such substances can negatively affect the quality of life.

How does Detox Forte work under these conditions?

Thermally and micronized activated zeolite particles are like negatively charged cages that attract and capture positively charged particles of heavy metals. This process, known in chemistry as cationic exchange, results in attracting heavy metal particles or other toxic substances from tissues or blood and removing them from the body together with charged zeolite particles through urine or faeces. Moreover, zeolite particles release calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions in the body, beneficial to health.

How fast is this process?

Detox Forte acts on the body over time, requiring treatments of 3-4 weeks. Through complex chemical processes at the cellular level, Detox Forte first removes very aggressive elements from the body, such as heavy metals and then, gradually, removes toxins from pesticides, herbicides or compounds found in plastics. The beneficial effects on the body can be felt after the first weeks of treatment through a better overall condition, a revitalization of the body, more energy, and even better mental functionality.

Detox Forte, a product that can reduce radioactive effects
Through its chemical structure, besides the heavy metal compounds, the zeolite may also capture radioactive compounds such as strontium-90 (Sr90) and cesium-137 (Cs137). There is also information on the use of zeolite following the Chernobyl or Fukushima catastrophes to reduce the negative effects of radiation.

For detoxification, as a prevention: take 2 capsules three times a day, with some water, 30 minutes before a meal for at least 2 months
In case of severe diseases, malignant tumors, the daily doses should be increased accordingly.
Even if the benefits are obvious, there are recommended minimum one month breaks between the treatments with Detox Forte.

The product is not suitable for people who had a major organ transplant as it stimulates the immune system and may lead to transplant rejection.
If a chemotherapy treatment is being followed, ZEOLIFECARE DETOX FORTE® may be administrated three days before and/or after the treatment.

Detox Forte Capsules
80 capsules
Each capsule contains (280 mg):
Zeolite 200 mg,
Gelatin capsule: 80 mg