Imuno Forte

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Imuno Forte is a product that has multiple therapeutic uses. It has the ability to block the proliferation of viruses or viral infections and at the same time, to strengthen the immune system in order to effectively fight against any diseases.

Each day, we are exposed to viral attacks, against which, sometimes the body cannot defend itself. This is either because of a weak immune system, or due to some aggressive forms of the viruses that the body has not yet “learned to read.”If you are interested in distributing this natural product, do not hesitate to contact us for more business related information.

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Strengthens the body

Imuno Forte is a powerful product known for its many therapeutic benefits. It has the ability to block the proliferation of viruses and viral infections, while strengthening the immune system.

ZEOLITECARE IMOUNO FORTE is a 100% natural product with Zeolite active ingredient with a minimum concentration of 85%. Zeolitecare products are considered and recognized as high-quality products due to the two important processes that make raw Zeolite a beneficial element: micronization and activation.

Micronization is the technological process by means of which clinoptilolite zeolite particles are brought to sizes of maximum 15 microns, thus increasing the specific area required in the absorption and cationic exchange process and, at the same time, the small sizes of clinoptilolite zeolite particles reach the maximum efficiency upon their action at cellular level..

Activation is the technological process achieved at high temperatures eliminating absolutely all the substances which are normally found in the clinoptilolite’s cage-like structure. The activated Clinoptilolite zeolite, has an absorption and cationic exchange capacity which is clearly superior to the non-activated clinoptilolite zeolite, thus having a maximum effect in the body’s detox process, eliminating most harmful substances, amongst which: toxins, heavy metals, and radioactive substances.

Product properties
Reduces the risk of catching the flu and other respiratory viruses. Also, thanks to its improved properties due to micronization and activation, it helps the body fight free radicals.

Supports balancing and strengthening the immune system by bringing the body’s PH to optimal levels. This can help improve your health. Eliminates various types of toxins in the body and naturally increases energy, tonifying the body. This product is 100% natural. It improves the quality of life by eliminating toxins, slowing down the aging process of cells and tissues, increasing physical and mental performance by removing oxidative stress. This has a major beneficial effect on the immune system and its strengthening.

Clinical trials have demonstrated a significant inhibitory effect of viral proliferation. This effect is mainly due to its ability to absorb viral particles in its structure. Therefore, Imuno Forte is extremely effective as a prevention mechanism.
The antiviral effects of zeolite are especially visible after a 3-4 week of treatment, after the body was cleansed from many toxins or heavy metals, which gives the body greater vitality and the immune system is stronger and more effective.

The micronized and thermally activated zeolite acts in stages. First, it absorbs heavy metals, then the toxins formed due to pollution are removed from the body, pesticides or insecticides, and then zeolite begins to capture viral particles. The antiviral effect of the zeolite occurs after approximately 4 weeks of use when heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides were almost entirely all eliminated.

Imuno Forte, due to the zeolite content, reduces the viral load. This can help alleviate some of the symptoms of viruses and infections. In this way, zeolite can play an important role as an antiviral with broad spectrum.

For prevention or immunization: take 2 capsules two-three times a day, with some water, 30 minutes before a meal for at least 2 months
In case of severe diseases, malignant tumors, the daily doses should be increased accordingly.

The product is not recommended for people who have had a large organ transplant because it stimulates the immune system and could lead to transplant rejection.
If a chemotherapy treatment is being followed, ZEOLIFECARE IMUNO FORTE® may be administrated three days before and/or after the treatment.

80 capsules
Each capsule contains (310 mg):
Zeolite 230 mg,
Gelatin capsule: 80 mg

Imuno Forte product has a broad applicability.